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The Story of World Class Consult


World Class Consult is an innovative, knowledge-based consultancy with an international focus. 

It is built on decades of experience, based on delivering over 1,000 projects, cases and reviews. 

We have worked with over 100 clients and partners including start ups, entrepreneurs, public institutions, SME’s, long-established firms and investors in various industries. 

Our expertise is applied across three key, dynamic approaches: 


ANALYTIC CONSULT offers audits, growth potential assessment, empirical studies or R&D services. It provides a fact-based, objective perspective of opportunities. 


CREATIVE CONSULT delivers collaborative events, speeches, training, coaching and workshops. Particularly applicable in the Marketing & Public Relations world, but also observed to great benefit in the events industry, in innovation management, disruptive R&D ventures and change projects. 


EXECUTION CONSULT includes goals setting, implementation, monitoring, ad hoc interim management and classic project management. Especially applicable in turnaround situations, in phases of scale-up, massive growth or intense changes, e.g. Mergers & Acquisitions, when execution is key. 



Fenna Neubauer
Founder & Director 
World Class Consult


About: Fenna Neubauer
Founder, Owner & Director 

Fenna is an experienced consultant, award-winning entrepreneur and recognised academic with a diverse career across a spectrum of industries. 

As a knowledgeable business professional in the tech world, Fenna´s range includes directorship of a family-owned R&D venture, through to a number of years with a leading international corporation as project manger in the field of change management after M&A. She also served for several years as an Ambassador and Consul for the world-wide leading community for expats and global minds and hosted about 100 international, social and / or business-related events. 

In academia, she has taught in Europe for over a decade, and also held several guest and interim professorships including for innovation management and entrepreneurship in Hanover. She has been responsible for 18 modules and subjects such as knowledge management, sponsoring and fundraising, marketing and international management. 

Besides her life in business and academia, Fenna is a regular public speaker at universities and to the corporate world, serving as a mentor and consultant to numerous companies and start-ups. She is regularly featured in media such as an exclusive magazine interview about her public relations work for the Abu Dhabi Arts Society and intercultural understanding, and continues to build on a decade of consulting experience across Europe and beyond. 

Awards, Honours & Qualifications

Fenna has been honoured with over 10 awards as an entrepreneur, innovator, business professional, university teacher and mentor in various fields – such as in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. 

She has been highlighted as a "Female Role Model Entrepreneur" by the German Ministry of Economics to encourage future generations to set up their own business.

She also holding the life-long title "Culture and Creative Pilot of Germany", an initiative by the German Government, where the most creative heads of Germany are awarded. 

Fenna has achieved a number of academic degrees across business and management topics, including a Master in International Economics, as well as being a certified personal coach and counsellor. 

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